LeaDroid - LAAS - Leads As A Service


LeaDroid gathers sales leads from your Google Analytics data, pairs companies that visited with behavioral insights, fetches detailed company information from a wide variety of different sources (LinkedIn, Bing, IBM Watson etc.) and sends you a fresh batch of leads every day. It's a great way for B2B-businesses to stop cold-calling and start nourishing relationships. You know who's interested, so all you need to do is reach out.



Getting qualified B2B sales leads has always been quite a challenge. You might have an idea of your potential customers, but you used to end up cold calling a bunch without having the faintest idea whether or not they actually are interested in your product or service. We're here to change that.



LeaDroid uses the power of AI (artificial intelligence) and a wide host of learning big data algorithms to tell you who to contact next. In addition to providing in-depth knowledge on who visits your site and what they did while they were there (sales ready leads), we also suggest companies you might want to include in your pre-sales and marketing by looking at several data sources and comparing them with your current visitors.
Given that your site has some traffic, using LeaDroid will up your sales game tremendously - you'll get leads delivered to you on a silver platter.

By default, we send you the leads via email and allow you to view them through our dashboard. However, LeaDroid can also be easily integrated to CRM-systems like Pipedrive, WebCRM, Odoo or Zoho - just launch LeaDroid and go to Settings Integrations.


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We offer a light, free version of LeaDroid (no credit card required), offering you the chance to do much more with your visitor data. Just click:

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If you want a plan with bigger lead limits and access to people-level data, our paid plans start at $49/month.


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