B2B Lead generation software you can actually afford

, Joona

During the last few months we’ve taken a deep look at the B2B lead generation software / lead automation market. What we want to do, is to make LeaDroid synonymous with affordable, easy-to-set-up, no-scripts-or-code-required lead generation tool that takes advantage of the analytics you already have access to.

Many of our competitors don’t really cater to SME’s (companies like yours), because monthly plans are often priced in the hundreds (no matter if the currency is £, $ or €). We want every company to be able to make the most of their Google Analytics data. This is why we feel it is important to have a pricing tier every company can afford.

Most of our competitors use scripts or snippets you insert on every one of your web pages. In addition to being a huge drag to set up, this makes it easy to detect what software you are using. We decided to take product design a bit further and made it possible to do the whole installation process with three clicks and less than 10 seconds.

Ease of use: We feel sales already has enough on their plate. The last thing they need is more hard-to-use software. We decided to seamlessly integrate our lead generation tool to your CRM system. Warm leads delivered to your CRM fresh every morning. You’re welcome.

What's in it for me? Right now we’re changing the way our customers (you) sell. Instead of cold calling, you’ll be calling leads with verified interest in your product or service. Not using a lead generation tool is leaving money on the table. What other investment delivers the same ROI?

Take a look and have a go at our trial. No strings attached.

It’s free!

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