Getting the most out of LeaDroid

, Joona

We’re trying to build the best possible tool for you to do more with the data you already own. This in mind, we felt it appropriate to tell you how we think you should make use of LeaDroid to get the most out of it.

You have probably already integrated LeaDroid with LinkedIn. This way, we’ll automatically fetch company info whenever one is available and deliver it to you in the lead view. When you open up a lead and see a small “i” next to the name, you know we have the company profile available: 3_ld.jpg

After you press the small “i”, the results will look like this:


This level of info will usually help you qualify or disqualify a company without doing any additional searching. Feel free to “hide” any leads that don’t seem the type of companies that could be your customers.

After you’ve established that a company is indeed a potential customer based on geography, company size and industry, you might want to dig deeper by searching for the decision makers on LinkedIn, or if you’re using the paid version of LeaDroid, just by pressing the “People”-button shown in the picture above. The results behind the “People”-view might look something like this:


It’s not everyday you have this guy show up in your lead view! As far as we know, he might appreciate a phone call instead of an email.

The whole point of the “People” view is to get you all the info you need without you ever leaving LeaDroid. From this point on, you might want to split the leads into two camps - Marketing qualified leads and Sales qualified leads.

You can export all your “starred” leads into an excel spreadsheet to help you upload leads into your marketing or sales software. If you’ve integrated LeaDroid to your CRM, you just assign the automatically uploaded leads into a suitable process flow based on what you would like to happen to the customer next. Some are ready for a sales call, others might appreciate some additional info via email.

If all this seems like it’s a bit too much for your organization, just do this: Prioritize ten leads a month from all the leads you get. Based on the info we provide, figure out which are the ones most important for you.

After that, contact them and ask if there’s anything you can do to help. You should be well on your way to doing better in terms of sales just by doing this one simple thing.

It’s free!

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