SpyDroid is a free (up to 5 keywords) Social Media Search Engine.

It allows you to automatically search for content
on social networks in real-time and provides
deep analytics for the keywords you provide.


Users can search for publicly posted information on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Dailymotion and Vimeo.


1. Unlimited keywords (free plan is up to five keywords).
2. Covers over 95% of all social media traffic.
3. Can be used to monitor competitors.

Key features:

SpyDroid is a Social media monitoring dashboard that lets you easily keep tabs on all your keywords and search results. You decide what to look for. Easily keep yourself in the loop in regards to customer conversations about your brand or product, or monitor what people are saying about competitors.
We also automatically analyze the sentiment of the search results.


SpyDroid™ is the best value for money out there.
Paid plans start at 10 €/month and the free plan lets you monitor results for up to five keywords. We have kept our pricing as simple as possible:

Plan 1 (10€/month):

20 keywords, up to 400 results per month.

Plan 2 (25€/month):

50 keywords, up to 1000 results per month.

Custom plan:

Unlimited keywords, unlimited search results.